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A cloud-based platform that automates the management of tobacco treatment programs for healthcare systems.

The Proactive Solution for Opt-Out Tobacco Cessation Programs

Improves outcomes of tobacco treatment programs — even for healthcare organizations with limited resources.

Ensures that all tobacco users are assigned to the appropriate tobacco care pathway.

Eliminates the need for manual referrals.

Automatically enrolls tobacco users to receive follow-up and an offer of evidence-based treatment services.

Quit Plan Manager Workflow


Interfaces With Electronic
Health Records


Automates Tobacco Treatment Referrals

Analyzes patients’ info and assigns each to the most appropriate tobacco care pathway. Eliminates the need for manual referrals.


Automates Proactive Outreach

Quit Plan Manager follows-up with tobacco users for up to 6 months utilizing persona­lized automated voice calls, emails, and text messages to ask about their current smoking status and medication usage.


Facilitates Timely Triage

At each contact, patients are offered to be referred immediately to helpful internal resources or external resources such as the state Quitline. Timely triage results in more successful quits.


Closes the Data Loop

Quit Plan Manager returns patient outcomes received from the treatment resources to patients’ charts in the EHR.


Provides Valuable Reporting

Quit Plan Manager stores patient data including results of all interactions for review by program stakeholders. Custom reports and data extracts can be provided.

Automates Follow-up

“We are contacting you to see how you are progressing…”

Provides Motivational Messages

“Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your health… and we can help.”

Provides Timely Triage

“We are referring you to a Quit Specialist now!”

Testimonials From Clients

Our Tobacco Treatment Program at the Medical University of South Carolina was an early implementor of the opt-out approach and Quit Plan Manager has played a key role since the beginning. We started with inpatients in 3 of our hospitals, and we have now expanded to 5 additional hospitals, the Hollings Cancer Center, and the emergency department. We enroll many thousands of patients per year and Quit Plan Manager has been critical to our success. Quit Plan Manager helps steer tobacco users into the appropriate services. Our program refers more patients to the SC Quitline than any other and enjoys the highest conversion rate. Quit Plan Manager provides the data that supports continuous quality improvement and enables us to demonstrate the program’s effectiveness to management, which helps us to justify and maintain our Tobacco Treatment Program. I strongly recommend this service.

Benjamin A. Toll, Ph.D.

Professor of Public Health Sciences and Psychiatry
Vice Chair of Research, Public Health Sciences
Associate Director, Education and Training
Co-Director, Lung Cancer Screening Program
Director, MUSC Health Tobacco Treatment Program

Gibbs Cancer Center integrated with Quit Plan Manager through the Epic Connection Hub. After one year, 627 patients had accepted Quitline referrals. This is over ten times the average of only 60 referrals annually in previous years. Quit Plan Manager and opt-out have been incredibly successful for us! I’m so excited to see where this goes… not just for cancer patients but globally in our healthcare system.

Chad M. Dingman, LISW-CP, OSW-C

Director of Oncology Support Services & Integrative Medicine
Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute

The Quit Plan Manager platform has been supporting our ‘No Smoker Left Behind’ program for several years. Quit Plan Manager is integrated with our Epic EHR therefor, tobacco users are automatically enrolled into the service and outcomes flow back to their charts. This saves a tremendous amount of work for staff. It also gives us the ability to reach low-income patients, provide them with a menu of options and see the results on a clinical interface. This track and triage program helps us reduce health disparities for our underserved smokers and I can’t say enough good things about this service.

Andrea King, PhD.

Professor, University of Chicago Medical Center
Director, Clinical Addictions Research Laboratory


What about consent?

The opt-out approach is based on the concept of presumed consent. Presumed consent assumes that individuals want to participate in the services that may improve their health unless they expressly decline (ie, opt out); failure to oppose treatment is considered as consent.

Presumed Consent with Opt-Out: An Ethical Consent Approach to Automatically Refer Patients with Cancer to Tobacco Treatment Services. – Joshua W. Ohde, BS, Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN

Do many patients opt out?

Less than 1% of patients asked to be removed from further phone calls.

Who Opted Out of an Opt-Out Smoking-Cessation Programme for Hospitalised Patients? – Georges J Nahhas

Who do we help?

Hospital Systems
Accountable Care Organizations
Cancer Centers
Primary Care Practices
Federally Qualified Health Centers
Rural Health Clinics


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