TelASK Transitions

The Challenge

As many as 1 in 5 patients discharged from hospital will be readmitted with 30 days. Early readmissions can often be tracked back to a few very basic issues such as a lack of a patient's clear understanding of his or her care plan, questions or concerns about medications prescribed or difficulties arranging a follow-up appointment with their primary care physician. Nurse discharge calls have been proven successful at preventing adverse events and early readmissions. The challenge is that it isn't economic for nurses to manually dial out and speak directly with all patients when only about 20% will benefit.

The Solution

The TelASK Communications Platform generates automated voice calls or texts to 100% of patients in the crucial days following discharge. Scripts can be customized for diagnosis related group (DRG) specific cohorts. Those patients who report issues can be flagged for callback or "warm transferred" to the first available nurse. This allows nurses to focus their effort on patients who need their immediate help.

TelASK Transitions provides a set of web-based tools that help nurses document conversations with patients highlighting issues and resolutions.

Customized reports provide your organization with the information it needs to drive better patient outcomes and positive changes- from the executive level down to the unit and individual level.

How It Works

TelASK reaches out to patients with automated, personalized voice calls that ask a series of questions designed to detect issues. Based on codes acquired by TelASK from the EMR the questions for higher risk patients can be tailored to their specific conditions. The system flags those patients with issues on a web based dashboard and care teams are alerted by email and/or text message. TelASK can warm transfer a patient directly to any available discharge nurse with the appropriate skill set.

Who Benefits


Patients enjoy the timely assistance of a knowledgeable member of the care team, assistance that may well help them avoid further complications and possible readmission.

Hospitals Organizations

It is a documented fact that hospital organizations with effective nurse discharge programs score higher on patient satisfaction and experience lower rates of readmission. This can translate into substantial revenue in consideration of the penalties that can be levied by CMS for early readmissions.

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