Quit Manager

The Challenge

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in North America. It is associated with a myriad of health problems that lead to hospitalization including cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, and many forms of cancer. 70% of smokers want to quit and a significant proportion of these are ready to make a serious quit attempt at any given time.

The Solution

Systematic identification of smokers in healthcare settings coupled with brief counseling and automated follow-up yields excellent outcomes. TelASK Quit Manager is an evidence based software as a service optimized for desktop and mobile devices that guides tobacco use educators and clinicians through face to face interventions with smokers, automatically follows-up with smokers after discharge and triages them to additional support when appropriate.

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Demonstrated Outcomes

How It Works

Data Acquisition: Patient data is acquired securely from the electronic medical record or patient management system.

Rounding App: A mobile database optimized for tablets helps tobacco use educators offer consistent interventions and gather an enhanced data set.

Establish Smoker Profile: Based on the information gathered TelASK Quit Manager assigns the smoker one of four profiles:

  • Ready to Quit;
  • Not Ready to Quit;
  • Recently Quit with Low Efficacy;
  • Recently Quit with High Efficacy.

Post discharge follow-up: After discharge Quit Manager engages with patients automatically in their preferred mode (voice, email or text) for up to six months. The smoker’s profile dictates the contact schedule and call algorithms.

Timely Triage: Smokers who need assistance can be “warm transferred” to resources at the hospital or clinic or to a quit coach at the State Quitline. They can also be videoconferenced with a healthcare provider using the TelASK Telemedicine module. Quit Manager has already integrated with all major Quitline vendors.

Reporting: The Quit Manager reporting module provides valuable feedback to frontline staff and reports for management aligned with the Joint Commission Tobacco Accountability Measures.

Who uses it?

Quit Manager is used to support successful tobacco treatment programs in over 300 healthcare sites in North America including the Ottawa Heart Institute (Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation), Massachusetts General Hospital (Helping Hands) and Medical University of South Carolina (SC Quits).

Who Benefits


Quitting is the single most important thing a smoker can do to improve his or her health. Quitting tobacco is often a journey rather than a single event. Receiving long term follow-up with helpful tips, motivational messages and an offer of immediate triage to counseling has been shown to dramatically increase the likelihood of success.


Quit Manager facilitates the creation of reports aligned with Joint Commission Tobacco Accountability Measures, demonstrates "meaningful use" of EMRs and facilitates the calculation of a ROI for the cessation program. Studies are currently underway that plan to show that Quit Manager is a potent population health tool capable of reducing 30 day readmissions.

Frontline Counselors

With most tobacco treatment programs counselors have to provide the best service they can and never know about the outcomes of smokers they have tried to help. With Quit Manager frontline staff can monitor the results of their efforts in real time. Seeing the success they are having with smokers fuels a more successful program. The Quit Manager Tablet App helps counselors be efficient, ensures consistency of the service offered and tracks the amount of time spent with smokers for billing purposes.

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